WordPress Development

We specialise in WordPress development, whether you want a new site built or modifications and updates to an existing site get in touch to discuss your ideas.

WordPress is a widely used open source platform that can be used to make lots of different websites and applications. It’s available to use for free – https://wordpress.org/ – and can be extended with a wide range of themes and plugins.

We can make your WordPress site look professional and include all the functionality you require for your website to perform well.

We have experience working with many of the most popular WordPress plugins including Woocommerce. There are a very wide variety of plugins available that allow businesses to benefit from a wide range website functionality without needing to go to the expense of coding solutions from scratch. Our experience in using WordPress means we can find the right mix of plugins to suit your requirments and make any required customisations to ensure your website functions exactly as required for your individual circumstances.

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