Measurement is vital part of a successful internet marketing strategy. It’s important to have acurate data on how people are using your website and applications so that you can judge the success of your campaigns and strategies and make adjustments to improve future performance.

Modern tracking and measurement tools, such as Google Analytics, allow you to track users through their journey on your website or app, recording events like what service/product they’ve viewed and bought, registrations and logins and contacts they’ve had with your business throgh the site, giving you the data you need to concentrate your efforts and budget in areas that drive results.

We can install and set up Google Analytics to keep track of all the events on your website or app.

Many websites are currently using an older version of Google Analytics called Universal Analytics which will stop processing data in July 2023. Business owners should prepare now by setting up a new Google Analytics 4 property. We can help you with this, get in touch now for details.

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